1,000,000 steps…

Stone steps leading up a hill

Here’s everything you need to know about the One Million Step Challenge!

WHAT ? An opportunity to personally challenge yourself to walk one million steps as you also work in your life to move closer to God.

WHERE? Anywhere you desire! Some of you already have a regular exercise routine so for you it may be your regular running or walking route, the treadmill at the gym, or the stairwell in your own home. For others of you, you may want to map out a new route just for the challenge. Some of you may complete your steps while running errands or on vacation. Every step counts and it’s your choice where you take them!

WHEN?  You can start your challenge any day you choose and it can extend any length of time you choose. Maybe for you just the thought of completing 1,000,000 steps is challenge enough without putting a time limit on it. Others of you may want to set a time limit so you can challenge yourself with a certain number of steps per day. Whatever and whenever you choose, the goal is to do something that is outside of the norm for you that would challenge you to either be deliberate in your steps or to give your body, mind and spirit a kick start to a new level.

WHY?  Since the theme of this site is ‘walking with God’ I thought that a walking challenge was more than appropriate! We can physically challenge ourselves on a walk, while spiritually challenging ourselves to ‘walk’ closer to Him.

In order to get closer to God, some of us are going to need to do some things differently in order to draw nearer to Him. This may mean a change in routine, a different activity, or a new personal goal. Often times when we are trying to make changes mentally, emotionally or spiritually, it can help if we also do something different physically. You know how refreshed you can feel mentally and emotionally just by reorganizing your furniture or getting new bed sheets or table settings? Or maybe when you take a certain posture in prayer you really feel a deeper connection to God? Changing something physical seems to trigger our brains to be on alert for something new and different. It seems to help us stay on task with our new personal goals when we make physical changes in our lives.

Are you physically unable to walk at this time? That doesn’t need to disqualify you from joining the challenge! You know what your current physical capabilities are, so you know what you can do, and what would be a reasonable challenge for you to take on. Even if you find you are unable to physically do anything right now, you can certainly join us on the spiritual part of the challenge! We welcome you to participate any way you can, in order to grow deeper in your relationship with Christ!! This is a VERY flexible challenge, meant to stimulate each of us toward a closer, more personal walk with God.

HOW?  Here’s some simple guidelines to get you started…

1) Decide to make it a personal goal to complete 1,000,000 steps, and to use that time to deliberately move closer to God.
2) Decide your method of counting steps. Here’s some suggestions, it’s your choice how to handle it.
You may want to use a pedometer that will count your steps for you.
You may want to measure your stride length and then calculate based on that number, how many miles you would need to walk in order to reach 1,000,000 steps. Then you can divide that mileage into smaller daily bits at whatever length suits you best. (Example…if your stride is 3 ft. and you want to complete the challenge in 100 days, that’s 10,000 steps per day. So, 3 ft. X 10,000 steps per day is 30,000 ft. 30,000 ft divided by 5280 (the number of ft/mile) is 5.68, so in this scenario you would plan to walk 5.68 miles per day for 100 days in order to reach your one million step goal)
You may want to count the number of steps you take to walk around your block or up and down your staircase and then decide how many times you want to do that in order to meet your personal daily step goal.
3) Decide if you want to complete one million steps within a certain number of days, OR if you want to have your goal be just to complete the one million steps with no time frame put on it.
4) Plan what you want to do during this challenge to personally draw yourself closer in your relationship with God.

If you are going to count your steps using a pedometer as you go through your day running errands, at work etc., you may need to consider if there is a certain way you could alter your schedule in order to accommodate some of the activities I am about to suggest (maybe walk during your lunch break, or walk the stairs instead of the elevator, or walk to or from work instead of driving, go for a walk after dinner, for example). Otherwise, if you choose to do the challenge and your only option is to count the steps you already take during your busy day, then your personal challenge will be to see how you can enhance your time with God in the midst of your day. Maybe for you, the challenge is to be more aware of God during your day, or praying more throughout your day, or creatively incorporating some of the suggestions below into your daily routine. I trust you will come up with some great ideas that fit your current life demands! The basic idea is to challenge ourselves to grow deeper in our spiritual walk with Christ, as we challenge ourselves physically by deliberately setting a goal of one million steps.

If you are going to have a particular route or time set up each day to walk out your steps then here are some things you can do while you walk in order to enhance your relationship, deepen your intimacy and work toward a closer connection with the God you love.

  • Memorize scripture while you walk.
  • Pray while you walk.
  • Listen to the Bible while you walk.
  • Walk with others in Christian fellowship, deepening your connection to the body of Christ.
  • Walk with someone who is mentoring you, or someone you are mentoring and use that time for personal and spiritual growth.
  • Use the time to appreciate all that God has made and to deepen your appreciation of Him as Creator.
  • Listen for His voice speaking to you about your life.

These are just suggestions. I’m sure you will be creative to come up with other ideas! The basic goal is to become more deliberate in challenging ourselves to grow deeper in our spiritual walk with God, using the physical challenge of one million steps as a springboard for change!

ARE YOU UP FOR THE CHALLENGE? I don’t ever want to grow stagnant or stale in my relationship with the Lord. I always want to be learning something more, growing deeper and deeper in my knowledge of and love for Him. What about you? Do you want to have a deeper walk with God?

PLEASE SHARE!! Goals are more easily met when we have a support system. God has given us a ready made support system in the body of Christ. So, while we are embarking on our own personal challenges, why not share with one another different parts of our journey? You are welcome to share your journey by leaving a comment here on this site.  Here are some suggestions of things we can share…

  • Share what you are doing while you walk in order to grow closer to God.
  • Share where you are walking. You don’t have to give a specific location or time. You can just say ‘my neighborhood’ or ‘on vacation’ etc.
  • Share about the people you are walking with.
  • Share your struggles or bits of your personal story.
  • Share encouragement to others who are walking the challenge as well.

Two sports shoes with a pedometer sitting on top of themREADY TO GO? SET YOUR START DATE, MAKE PLANS, AND LET’S START WALKING!

DISCLAIMER! This is NOT a health regimen or a weight loss challenge! I am not a health expert or fitness trainer! If you feel in any way that you need to see a doctor before beginning this challenge, do so! You are responsible to do what you need to do for your own personal health! The purpose of the challenge is not to physically exert ourselves, so much as it is to take deliberate steps to go farther than we have before, as a springboard to enhance our spiritual depth of relationship with God.


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